Monday, 11 January 2016

Eat mindfully

Well it has happened again, the January diet craze and if it follows the normal course of events by the third week in February pizza, desert and junk food will once again be on the office menu. 

When you sit down to eat a meal or enjoy a snack what do you see?

Not what you look at, what do you see?

Do you see nutritious food to fuel your body for the day, or do you see a tasty snack that brings you a moment of joy to your taste buds, or do you see a meal that reminds you of a love one long gone and the list can go on encompassing all of the reasons we eat what we eat.

What is being referred to is the distinct elements of the meal:
  • Where has it travelled get to your table
  • The reason you chose it
  • The memories it provokes
  • Your hopes and desires in eating that particular meal

Or like most of us do you look at your plate, and start to eat? 

Eating has become a habit that we no longer think about just like breathing.  We just open the bag, open our mouths and devour. 

It is a sad reflection on our society that in our abundance of safe nutritious food a reality that is unparalleled in history we have stopped seeing and knowing the place our food has in our daily lives.  

Be mindful of the food in front of you, consider how it will affect you, how it was made and where it has come from.  Take a moment to consider how blessed you are in having the food opportunities you do. 

Model for our children and grandchildren that food is not our enemy like breathing it is our friend and we need to understand its role in our lives.

Eat mindfully, recognize your food.

Grandma Snyder

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