Friday, 15 November 2019

Should or Want

It has been almost a month since our last update to this blog and there is no real reason why this has happened.

Since our last post many things have happened and none of them earth shattering just the normal goings on of a Canadian family.

We continue to give back some of our time in volunteer activities within our community, driving, at our local library and most recently for the Salvation Army.

We have spent time with our children and grandchildren who are all well and we have visited with extended family.

Since our last post we have been consciously posing the following question to each activity we engage in.

Do we want to (fill in the blank)?
Do we think we should do (fill in the blank)?

What we found is that too many activities that are taking up our time fell into the we thought we should and were not activities that in the moment we really wanted too.

Over the past month we have wanted to spend time together as a couple watching Netflix, we are enjoying Suits, at the moment.

We enjoy going for walks either outside when the weather is nice, on our home treadmill or at the local indoor track when we would prefer to stay inside.

Paul has enjoyed planting his 2020 garlic crop and cleaning up outside the house.
I completed two junk journals, and two knitting projects are in the works.

Amazingly today I got into the Christmas Spirit something that has not happened for the past three years.

We continue to participate in a weekly yoga class and Paul works out daily.

I had a great time taking an acrylic art course from Kathie Smith a local artist and what fun Rylee and I had completing her Halloween Costume ‘Circus Baby’.

We took a tour of the local Alpaca processing plant.

Getting our snow tires on was a should that turned into a glad we did as snow has come to Ontario and looks like it will stay.

At church we participated in a potluck and enjoyed a cooking class.  Emma B taught us to make her Whoppie Pies.

There has also been moments of sadness as friends have discovered they have cancer and others have passed away.

There is a release in life when you consider if an activity is a ‘should or a want’.  It does not mean that you ignore the should’s no for us it has meant we do not feel guilty about adding in more wants on weeks with too many should’s.

Like movies, ice cream and yes sleeping in.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today.
Grandma Snyder
©2013-2019 twosnydergirls

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Life is an adventure

The beautiful colours that carpet the forest floor.

That is lived one moment at a time and you maybe asking yourself what does this have to do with anything.  Great question and the answer is reflected in the lack of blog posts over the past number of days.  

One of our favourite activities is walking Toaster at sunset.

In the moments between the last post and today we have done many things.  We explored Victoria BC, spent wonderful evenings with our son and daughter-in-love, flew home, visited with our children, had a plumber come in and fix a leaking pipe, enjoyed the company of our youngest granddaughter three nights in a row, went walking with our oldest son here at home, delivered a gift from our son in Victoria to his sister here in Ontario and took personal time for pedicures and I had a manicure. 

Everywhere we look there are signs of fall 

And when I thought about writing a blog post or catching up on my 5 Minutes Of My Day the activity did not bring me joy so I turned to something that did.

Father and son engaged an evening game together
I think for the next few month while we spend time at home the blog will be posted when the activity of sitting at a computer brings me joy, until I organize my retired life and find that sweet spot where sharing through pictures does bring me joy.
Paul and I enjoyed the cultural variety of foods and we tasted many this Trip.
Fall is my favourite time of the year to walk , nature has clothed herself in abundant colours and she dances with the wind.
Found enough fabric to make the dress that Rylee needs.  Rylee learned how to carefully ripe out seams so that the fabric can be used,  A $4 find at Salvation Armyu

Thank you for dropping in to read this post and we hope you enjoy the images I have explained the pictures in the captions below.

Grandma Snyder

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Some vacations are all about public walkways

Even on days when clouds threaten rain there are beautiful places to walk Victoria and we are walking them. 

From sidewalks crowded by flowers and hedges to pathways beside the ocean. 

The first thing you learn when walking around Victoria is that you are either walking up or down hill level ground only occurs at the waters edge. 

Mild weather means flowers abound 

and everywhere you can forage for apples and wild berries. 

On Saturday we took Toaster for a walk around Fort Macaulay.

We ended our day with the most delicious harvest meal ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted veg, apple crisp and homemade ice cream with new friends and family.

Thank you for spending this time with us. 

Grandma Snyder 

©️Twosnydergirls 2013-2019

Friday, 11 October 2019

Slowing the world down and walking.

After an amazing nights sleep we spent the day walking around Victoria and oh the wonderful things we saw and food we ate!

The city has many faces at times it reminded Paul and I of Charlestown’s South Carolina, other times of Spain and always it remained uniquely Victoria.

Parks and beautiful public walk ways are in abundance.

We had a late breakfast at Fuego’s - amazing food.

Later in the afternoon we stopped for tea and cake. 

The abundance of flowers astounds us every time we visit. 

We ended the day with a beach walk where we searched for sea glass and watched the sunset. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. 

Grandma Snyder 

©️twosnydergirls 2013 to 2019

Should or Want

It has been almost a month since our last update to this blog and there is no real reason why this has happened. Since our las...