Monday, 29 September 2014

T-Shirt Pumpkin Craft

Re-purposed T-shirt becomes two pumpkins

Materials Needed:
1) An old t-shirt in the colour you would like your pumpkin to be
2) A twig that will form the stem of your pumpkin
3) Gathering twine
4) Thread and a sewing machine
5) Quilt batting

Step #1
Take an old adult t-shirt in the colour you would like your pumpkin to be.  The girls used one of their grandfathers old paint stained orange t-shirts.  We turned it inside out where the colour was brighter and the stains did not show.

Step #2
Cut the sleeves off the t-shirt and cut up the side seams.  One t-shirts will make two pumpkins.

Step #3
Determine the largest circle that can be made out of each piece and cut the circle out. 

Step #4
Fold over a small seam all-the-way around the circle, sew a casing.  Thread a string through the casing and gather the opening tightly.

Step #5
Place your twig in the centre of the opening and stuff your pumpkin with the quilt batting.

Step #6
Open up one of the sleeves and cut a circle large enough to cover the opening that is left after stuffing your pumpkin, cut a small slit at the centre of this smaller circle and push the twig through this.

Step #7
Hand stitch the top of your pumpkin to the base 
If you pumpkin is for your Thanksgiving table you are finished at this point.
If you are making a Jack-o-lantern continue to step #7

Step #8
Using black fabric cut out mouth, eyes and any other adornments and either sew or glue these onto your fabric pumpkin.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2014 twosnydergirls 

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