Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Responsible Deed

With fresh clementine’s in our shopping bag we had our supper on this our first day in Toronto.
“Stop, stop please!  Did you buy the parmesan cheese, yes, yes you did, can I please see your receipt please I need to make sure.”  Upon seeing our receipt she relaxed and apologized for forgetting to place our cheese slicer in the bag.  She takes the cheese slicer and places it in our bag and runs back to the Global Cheese in Kensington Market.

15 minutes before we purchased Quince preserve, Fig and Almond paste, Calamata Olives, Parmesan Cheese, a box of gluten free crackers and a cheese slicer.

So it is that this blog is a shout out to the Global Cheese Shoppe in Kensington Market a store where it employees are valued for their integrity and honesty.  Oh and the cheese is really good.

When was the last time you experienced a shoppe owner or worker showing this level of integrity?
How are you as a (grand)parent teaching your children integrity?

Grandma Snyder
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