Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Child's Voice Sang On

We opened our Sunday morning service with "I sing the might power of God" standing we raised our voices and sang our praise.   With voices and piano building to the crescendo we ended with the words that are at the foundation of our faith, "there's not a place where we can flee but God is present there!"   

And where ear-ringing silent should have been his voice continued to sing on clear and pure the words unrecognizable except to his God. The clear pure voice of a 3-year-old soul and with tune and words unknown to all but God, we were all given a gift: the gift of pure unrestrained worship and praise.

Parents quickly try to hush the small yet powerful voice and he refused to stop until his worship was done and his praise complete. 

I am always humbled by the pure worship of children and the gifts of joy they provide us if we have the heart to listen and wisdom to understand.

Grandma Snyder

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