Sunday, 18 June 2017

Always aware of God's Unconditional

In those moments of rapture, when we know ourselves to be held in God’s unconditional love joy is all we know and in the numerous moments of mundane life that depression, disappointment, worry, greed, envy, and self-doubt over take our joy and push from our awareness God’s unconditional love while still we are held within his arms.

Gratitude journals have become popular within journaling communities.  Some formats provide a page for each month to be filled with moments of gratitude, others provide a space in a weekly format to record the things we are grateful for and still others provide a space in a daily log.

And the power of depression, disappointment, worry, greed, envy and self-doubt to separate us from the joy of knowing ourselves held within God’s unconditional love.

If we lived always aware of the wings upon which we stand all of the books in the world would not be able to hold all of the moments of gratitude of one human being in one day.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2017 twosnydergirls

Lectionary readings Exodus 19:2-8a; Psalm 100; Romans 5:1-8; Matthew 9:35–10:8, (9-23).
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