Monday, 21 December 2015

Be Mindful of Your Rushing

Well the holidays are well under way and today was almost my last, as I walked across the parking lot of our local grocery store and a car going too fast, had to break hard to avoid missing me.  

Then inside the store as I stand patiently in line a woman three people down the line “yells what is taking so long this is supposed to be the express line”.  When my turn came I looked sympathetically at the cashier and without me speaking she offered “Christmas (sigh) everyone gets is such a hurry”.

What are we rushing around for?

How is Monday of the week of Christmas different from any other Monday?

I will admit I was curious how the woman three people down the line would handle the situation when it became her turn so I waited.  

There was no Christmas Cheer, nor was there an apology, “About time!” was all she said until it came time to pay and she realized that in her haste she had left her wallet in the car.  “Just a minute, I will be right back, You don’t mind” and before the cashier could say anything the woman rushed out leaving her purse unattended and wide open and guess what car she went to, yep the one that almost hit me.

I was gobsmacked and waited until there was no one in the line.  I approached the cashier and commended her on being gracious and understanding, when many would have retaliated.  She thanked me for noticing and offered that what I witnessed was mild.

The situation left me wondering where in my life I am rushing around and where do I need to slow down so that I can experience hospitality, a smile from a stranger, the playfulness of a child or a random act of kindness – acts that is our rushing around are overlooked.

Be Mindful this week of where you are rushing and slow down you will experience more of life.

Grandma Snyder

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