Monday, 21 September 2015

Perception As Limits

Grandma I can't do that!

You can fill in that with almost anything, that our youngest grandchild has not experienced or tried - she is not a risk taker and her perceptions is that she will fail and failure is bad.

It is her perception not her ability that is limiting.

She is not alone, many of us perceive our abilities to be less than they actually are, that failure is bad and so we limit our options accordingly. 

Our perception needs to be cleansed, we need to open the door of our perception to the infinite possibilities that each day presents us with.

As parents and grandparents encourage your (grand)children to try new things and wherever possible frame failure within a positive growth context.  

And model this by opening yourself up to new experiences and finding humour and hope within failure.

Be mindful that perception is not a truth it is a thought construct made from what the past has presented you with. 

Keep your perceptions of yourself and others open to the influence of the infinite set of possibilities your future holds.

Grandma Snyder

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