Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Gratitude Name Cards Thanksgiving

We have been on a journey this year to be mindful of those things we should be thankful for - a journey of gratitude and so as we looked around for a craft for our grandchildren this Thanksgiving we knew we wanted gratitude cards.

With our granddaughters we looked around Pinterest where we found lots of food crafts, we will post closer to the Canadian Thanksgiving Monday October 12, 2015 on this and we found the beginning of our craft.  On Pinterest we found examples of napkins where you would right what you are thankful for.  

This was very close to what we wanted the difference was we were looking to challenge ourselves and our (grand)children to think about how we are grateful for each other.  Now with the beginning of an idea we went to one of my faviourite sites The Graphics Fairy  here everything came together.  Emily came up with the idea of an autograph book where everyone would write down how they are thankful for the person named on the cover.

Step #1:  Picked out a graphic design that you like we used French Wreath Engraving download this to the computer.

Step #2: Using a photo editing program we use PicMonkey put in the saying you want and each person's name

We positioned 4 labels to an 8 x 11 inch piece of paper and printed this on white card stock paper.

Step #3: Printed the face page and cut out the the design and a blank back page out of card stock weight paper.

Step #5:  Cut out of writing pages to size so that everyone in the family has a page to leave their message on. (each of our booklets had 12 writing pages)

Step #6: Punch two holes through each stack of papers and tied the booklet together.

Step #7:  While  working on the booklets talk to your (grand)children about each person on the list, discussing with them what each person brings to their lives - what they are thankful for.   As the children came up with their own thoughts about a specific person write these down on a sheet of paper.

Step #8:  Finally sit down with your (grand)children and began filling the pages of the gratitude table name cards. 

Happy Thanksgiving 

Grandma Snyder

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