Monday, 6 July 2015

Mindfulness - Say What You Do

What do you mean?!

My children know what I think because I tell them!

That is not true - actions speak louder than words -  children will make sense of absurdities between what we say and what we do.

What does the teenager do with being lectured on drinking and driving his dad’s car then two weeks later watches his dad drive in the driveway coming home from the bar?
Might he conclude that what his father was saying was you can drink and drive your own car not somebody else’s. 

When parents are silent on issues of importance children will look to parental behaviours and from this create a parental position.

Be mindful of what you are saying and not saying to the children in your life.

Is there congruency between what you say and what you do?

Talk with your children!

Grandma Snyder

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