Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Grace is Sufficient For You

When life is flowing as we desire, when we appear to be in control, all too often there is little thought given to how God’s grace is playing out in our lives.

Yes we offer quick prayers “Thank you Lord for life’s blessings” or words similar too this, however what are the specific blessings we are referring to?  Are we just offering platitudes since really we have done all the work.

We were playing cards with friends when the call came in that Dad was in hospital and five days later we were planning his funeral.  Life that been measured in days and weeks now was reduced to moments.  

We moved through those moments with the pray “Lord Jesus Christ Holy Son of God of Mercy on me…” as a constant refrain because we could nothing else, we had no words.

We made it through that week because God’s grace was sufficient.  During a week when everything was out of control a week we rode a tidal wave of grief, anger and pain God’s power, God’s unconditional love for us was made perfect by our weakness, we felt it because we could feel nothing else, we understood it and knew it to be true.

We prayed Thank you Lord for standing with us, for standing witness to our grief, for holding us from falling and for setting our feet back on solid ground when we healed.

Resilience is knowing that thou we are weak and life is out of our control we will make it through because of God’s grace. 

Grandma Snyder

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