Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Things to Tell Your (Grand)children in June

We are a treasure trove of knowledge and it is important to share the knowledge we have of our parents, the families we come from and ourselves.

Father’s Day occurs in June:

1)      Describe to each of your (grand)children what you remember about their birth and how you felt to become their (grand)father. (if in the role of father)

Yes this is the same question from May only this times it applies to fathers.  It is important to remember that each of us will have a unique perspective of all life events and it is key to the family story that all perspectives are provided.

 2) Talk to them about what you remember about your father and how you celebrated Father’s Day with him.

 3) Remember your Grandfather to your (grand)children.  What is your fondest memory of him?

Grandpa John loved to go for early morning drives and my fondest memories of these times.

4) Talk to your (grand)children about the type of (grand)father you are striving to be. (if in the role of a father) 

5) Talk about your greatest struggle as a man and how you overcame it or are working to over come.

June 27th is the American backyard camping: 

As a child of the 50's summers were filled with backyard camping.  Sticks, rope, Mom's sheets and blankets made amazing tents.  Then there was the trip to the local gas station for a bag of penny candy which by the next day was a sticky mess and waking up to the smell of damp candy and sheets brings back fond memories even 60 years later.
6) Share your memories of backyard camping? Create new memories by planning a staycation with your (grand)children plan a backyard camping trip. 

June also brings the end of the school year:

7) What do you remember of those last days of school?  

Mine are never being sure if the dreaded report card would say pass or fail, the end of school was a mix of dread and anticipation.  
8) Did you go on any end of school trips, (grand)children will enjoy these stories and these destinations can become summer destinations for your family.

9) What did you do with your school notebooks and reports?  If you had a traditional way to dispose of these personal possessions describe these and how you feel about it today.  If you have any of your school books take them out and share them.


10) When you think of the month of June is there a favourite food that comes to mind?  Write the recipe out and make it with your (grand)children.

Strawberries clean and fresh sprinkled with white sugar and swimming in fresh cream bring back memories of June, and my Grandmother.  
 Grandma Snyder

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