Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Traveling with Children

Travel Journal

We have traveled a great deal with both our children and now our grandchildren.  Journaling is a wonderful way to remember and talk about a day of traveling and then to remember a trip taken together.  

As we prepared to take our granddaughters to visit Great Aunt Carla in Saskatchewan, we spent some time looking around Pinterest it see what it offered in new suggestion, activities when travelling with children.  There we came across numerous post that suggested covering scribblers with old maps for children to write in.

This idea was great and added a new twist on a travel activity we already embrace.

The girls had a great time covering their dollar store scribblers.  We used old maps and so we also used bright coloured duct tape to reinforce the spine of the books.

Using coloured markers the girls personalized their books and here we learned something new.

Emily was starting to spell out Saskatchewan and as she did she recited this rhyme “Sam And Sue Kiss At The Church Hall Every Wednesday After Noon” she learned this in school and never again will Grandma struggle to spell Saskatchewan!

Books done Emily opened her book and laughed she had placed her cover so that the book was upside down and with a true artist spirit laughed and proclaimed “I am unique!”

Grandma Snyder

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