Monday, 25 May 2015

10 Things to Tell Your (Grand)children in May

1) In honour of Labour Day (Canada) talk to your (grand)children about your first job.

May is also Mental Health month so spend some time talking about mental health and your family:

2) Tell them about what worried you as a child.  Did you have a recurring bad dream? 

As a child I had a recurring nightmare that there were monsters preventing me from getting to school.  I also struggled at school with a significant learning disability.
 3) If you or someone within the extended family is being treated for a mental illness in age appropriate language talk about their struggle and how they have or are overcoming it.

 4) Talk to them about what concerns you now.

Retirement concerns me, I worry that I will no longer be relevant in the world.

 5) If you have teenage (grand)children talk with them about any experiences you have had with suicide: friends, family, or when you were a teenager.  Let them know you are always available to talk. 

Remember though teenagers do their best talking in the wee hours of the morning – be ready to listen.

Mother’s Day occurs in May:
 6) Describe to each of your (grand)children what you remember about their birth and how you felt to become their (grand)mother. (if in a mother role)

 7) Talk to them about what you remember about your mother and how you celebrated Mother’s Day with her.

Mother’s Day is celebrated with a trip to the greenhouse and the purchase of a beautiful outdoor plant for Mother.

 8) Remember your Grandmother to your (grand)children.  What is your fondest memory of her?

 9) Describe to the (grand)children in your life the type of (grand)mother you are striving to be. (if in a mother role)

10) Talk to them about your greatest struggle as a woman and how you over came it. (if female)

Grandma Snyder
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