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International Earth Day - 10 Things to Tell You Children and Grandchildren this March

In 1970 the United Nations proclaimed March 21st as International Earth Day, this March let’s talk to our (grand)children about our experience of the earth.

1) Describe your earliest memories of going to a local park to play.  

2) Where was the park, what was the play equipment like, which was your favourite? 

As a child our local park had a huge truck tire hug in a tree my best friend and I would crawl inside and there we would thrill as older children pushed the tire which spun in the air.

3) Share other memories of family activities in parks.  

4) Who attended, were there games played if yes describe the games and what was your favourite food at these reunions?   Ask your (grand)children if they would like to attend a reunion and if they say yes take them to the next one that is planned.

Each summer we attended a large family reunion in a local park, there was a covered pavilion and the picnic were lined up end to end and covered with mismatching table cloths and each table loaded with food.  I have a very clear memory of my Uncles have to put on socks with oven mitts.

5)  Discuss with them the things that you are doing to ensure that there are parks for their children to play in -  how you attempting to leave a smaller foot print on the earth?

6) There are 197 world heritage site around the planet Click here to see the list 9 are in Canada and 12 are in the United States if you have visited any of these site talk to your (grand)children about your experience, dig out your photographs and share these with them. 
We have traveled to over half of these parks in both the USA and Canada with lots of paper photographs of their parents as children.  Our goal is to see them all.
7) Your Bucket List – let your (grand)children know one place in the world that you would like to travel to and why.  Go on line or better visit your local library with your grand(children) and research the place together.

8) One of the International Earth Day campaigns is to protect the Asian elephant.  Describe your first experience with an elephant, what you know about elephants and go on line with your (grand)children and research the Asian elephant.

9) Organic gardening is another International Earth Day campaign – Do you have memories of a Grandparent’s garden, share it with your (grand)children.  What vegetable as a child did you like to eat directly from the garden?  I loved to eat baby carrots directly from the garden we would wipe the dirt off on our jeans.

10) Bags for Earth is a campaign to reduce the number of plastic bags in use.  Many grandparents can remember a time when everything came in paper bags a time before plastic.  If you have memories of this time share it and pack reusable bags in your car and set a good example for your (grand)children.

Happy International Earth Day

Grandma Snyder

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