Sunday, 21 December 2014

Heavenly Music

From Comfortable to Contemplative to Expectant

Piano music floats over us as we enter the sanctuary, creating a comfortable, and familiar backdrop.  Ethereal with soft harmonies, and comfortable rhythms where our quiet conversation creates the counterpoint in this the pre-worship stage of our service.

Something has changes the music remains in the background yet it is different, still comfortable, yet different the harmonies at times create a dissidence just enough to bring attention to the music where we contemplate the melody.

The rhythm is what has changed the rhythm is wholly unique and with expectation we look to the pianist.

Susan sit at the piano, sheet music spread in front of her yet the music is not for her it is not the musical score of the piece she is playing.  This piece of music comes from her spirit she is playing out of love to her Creator.

We stop talking, we wait and listen in expectation.  Susan’s music draws us into this holy place a place, a place where God has preceded us.  We listen knowing that the music we hear will never to be heard again it is a singular unique offering that we have been allowed to overhear.

We have entered a Holy space lead by Susan’s music, Susan’s gift to her God.

Susan who cannot read musicSusan a single woman in her 40’sSusan defined by her out forward facial features that mark her as having Downs SyndromeSusan who today through her music took us into the presence of God.

She moved us from comfortable in our spiritual expression to contemplating how it is that we worship to ultimately expecting the miracle that is the birth of Christ on this the 4th Sunday of Advent.  

Grandma Snyder

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