Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Different Christmas

Step away from the noisy distractions of a consumer’s Christmas.

Create space for your children, grandchildren away from the avalanche of empty promises that the consumer’s Christmas unleashes upon us. 

Build into your Christmas preparation moments of quiet reflection and play in God’s creation.  Walk in the snow, spend time with your children, grandchildren in a local park, make snow angels or roast marshmallows outside.

Act upon the spirit of creation that God has placed in each of us.  Make cookies with your children, grandchildren or create decorations to dress the Christmas tree, make something together.

Gather together in family activities away from the TV, computers, and electronics of all types – play together, outside or inside, tell stories, sing – be together laugh and build memories.

Share of your families’ skills, talents and resources in the service of others.  As a family purchase food stuff together and then take what you bought to your local food bank – do something for a neighbour.

Create traditions that protect your children, grandchildren against a consumer’s Christmas – traditions that create space for God’s love to shine through your Christmas.

Grandma Snyder

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