Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ten Things I Wish I Had Asked My Grandparents

There are so many things that I wish I had paid attention too when I was a child and of course they are all things that a child would not know to remember.
  1. What was Grandpa John’s favourite colour?
  2. What was my great grandfather like as a father?
  3. What was the most important lesson they learned as a grandparent?
  4. What wisdom would they pass on to me?
  5. What are their fondest memories of their grandparents?
  6. What was Grandma Almeda’s favourite hymn?
  7. What were their dreams for me their granddaughter?
  8. What was it like for Grandpa David to spend over a year in hospital?
  9. What were their greatest disappointments?
  10. What were their favourite scriptures the one that brought comfort and hope to them?

Who were they as people not just as my grandparents?

Our grandchildren are not thinking about these question now and they will someday. 
Today is Grandparent’s Day in North America and rather than focusing on what our grandchildren give us, spent time passing on information that they might what to know years from now about you.

Make this a part of how you get to know them.  Ask questions about who they are and then answer the same question for them, by passing on stories from your childhood, telling them about you.

Ensuring they know us both as people and as their grandparents is one of the fundamental gift that we can give our grandchildren.  

It is in knowing us they ultimately will come to understand themselves as grandparents someday.

Grandma Snyder

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