Monday, 5 May 2014

Gardening with Grandchildren


Indoor Coleus Plant
Coleus are an annual ornamental garden plant that are propagated by cuttings.  They are beautiful both an indoor house plant, an outdoor container plant or in gardens that are in partial shade. 

In the fall we bring in one of the hardiest Coleus plants in our garden and over winter it in the front window.

Coleus cuttings ready to plant

Then in the early spring we propagate our single plant into many new plant through cuttings.

The girls helped us this year.
Girls planting the cuttings

Step #1
They cleaned the plastic pots that we recycle one year to the next.

Step #2
They filled the pots with fresh potting soil.

Step #3
Using scissors we cut the plant in healthy smaller pieces   
Step #4
We placed the cuttings into the fresh soil  

Step #5
We brought the cuttings upstairs and gave the plants a through watering

Watering the Coleus cuttings

Coleus are an easy plant for children to work with.  Enjoy them both in your garden and with your children.

Grandma Snyder

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