Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Gift

Candy Popcorn Pizza

Mother’s Day Treat

Girls holding their Popcorn Pizza with Mom written on them
 What could be better than popcorn and candy coated in melted marshmallows on a chocolate crust?

 While on vacation in South Carolina we went into a candy shop where we saw the commercial version of the popcorn pizza for the first time and I knew that our granddaughters would love making and giving this unique food craft.
Collage of making a popcorn candy pizza

 To make your pizza you start with a spring form pan - we used to small pans. 

1 bag about 1 ½ cups of your favourite candy to mix with the popcorn
2 bags of chocolate chips or candy making chocolate - enough to cover the bottom of your pan ¼ inch thick and then to drizzle or spread on the top of your pizza
1 bag of light microwave popcorn
4 cups of marshmallows
Cake sprinkles
Writing tube icing sugar

Step #1 (children) trace the bottom of the pan onto parchment paper and cut out the circle using safety scissors and set aside.

Step #2 (children) give each child a piece of wax paper with coconut oil on it and have them grease the pan and place the parchment paper in the bottom

Chocolate melting in a double boilerStep #3 (adult) microwave the popcorn

Step #4 (children) have the children pick out only fully popped popcorn and put these in a large mixing bowl

Step #5 (adult) melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler and once melted depending of the age of your children either you or they can spread some of the chocolate on the bottom of your spring form pan
Spreading melted chocolate in bottom of spring form pan 
Step #6 (adult) grease a glass microwave dish and melt the marshmallows

Mixing popcorn candy and melted marshmallowsStep #7 (adult & children) put the candy into the bowl with the popcorn and while the adult pours the melted marshmallows into the bowl the children can stir the mixture coating the popcorn and candy with  marshmallow.

Step #8 (child) Grease fingers and press the candy and popcorn into the spring pan pressing the popcorn firmly down.

Step #9 (adult) drizzle or spread the rest of the melted chocolate on top of the pizza

 Step #10 (child) sprinkle the cake candy onto of the cooling chocolate

Popcorn Pizza ready to decorate

Step #11 (child) using the icing sugar writing tube write their message or draw a picture to Mom.
Two Popcorn Pizza with Mom written on them
Place the still warm pizza in the refrigerator and once cold remove the pan and place the pizza on a piece of card board, wrap in clear plastic and you are done.

Grandma Snyder
©2013-2014 twosnydergirls

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