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Safe Instalation of Infant and Child Car Seats

Safe installation of Infant and Child Car Seats

Since the safe sleeping blog on September 17, 2013 I have received requests to provide a post on the safe installation of infant and child car seats.

On January 4, 2012 Transport Canada enacted the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seat Safety Regulations (SOR/2010-90).  In this updated regulation Canadian Standards were aligned with standards in the United States and more stringent testing of child vehicle restraint systems, car seats put in place.

In preparing for this post I discovered that Infant and Child Car Seats have an expiry date.  This date represents a point in time when the integrity of the plastic and metal used in manufacturing will and/or has the potential to degrade from normal usage.  Sun damage weakens the plastic, food or other bodily fluids are spilled on harnesses and buckles damaging working parts and the cushion become hard over time.   Further an infant and/or child car seat is to be deemed damaged and unsafe following any car accident where the seat was in use, regardless of the nature or severity of the accident.

In all other blogs I have provided a summary of the topic and for this blog I am not.  The safety of our children is too important and so I am going to provide you with the Transport Canada links and strongly encourage you to read the information provided there.

Stage 3: Booster Seats Link

 Under each picture is the link that will take you to the Transport Canada Website and information of the safe usage and installation of car restraint systems for children - car seats.  

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