Saturday, 28 September 2013

Apple Picking in Clarksburg Ontario CA

Apple Picking At Farmer's Pantry

Today under cloudless fall skies, Emily, Ruth, Grandpa and I went apple picking at Farmer's Pantry.  

Farmer’s Pantry is more than just an apple orchard it is a family destination, with many activities for inquiring minds and activities for rambunctious playful children. 

The children’s activities are broken into two groups.  The first is those activities that are free for all children.  

There is play farm equipment made out of  2x4 for children play on.

Animals for the children to watch and feed, grass not apples!

Emily could have spent all day feeding the donkey's she would reach into the rabbit pen and pull out long green grass and run to the donkey pen where the donkey would pull it greedily from her hands.

And finally a game of ring toss.  This is very clever.  They have taken pool noodles and using Duck Tape formed rings.  

Ruth enjoyed this activity.

For $5.00 per person (this included supervising adults) you were able to enjoy…..

A rope maze.  Six posts form a circle and different coloured climbing ropes have been strung between the ropes.  You pick a colour and then clip yourself to the rope.  


The aim of the task is to follow your rope over and under the other ropes and touch all six posts.  Well you can see from the pictures Emily and Ruth are having a real time of it.

   Emily and Ruth both thought that they would be able to talk their father into putting one of these into their backyard.  I believe that it would be a hit.

Next was a large wooden farm chess set.  The girls enjoyed setting the chess board up however I could not remember how to play so they made up their own rules.

There was mini golf and you can see the large sand pile in the back ground.  It is full of toys and things to dig with.

Here you pump a cast iron well pump and try to flush your plastic apple through the eaves trough,  around a plastic elbow and down the second length of eaves trough before your sister.  Emily got a blister and she won. 

There was also a Cedar maze however neither Emily or Ruth wanted to go through this.

And Yes Picking Apples


It was a great day!  October 19 & 26th are special days at the Farmer’s Pantry it is the Pumpkin Patch Adventures.  If you have children / grandchildren and want to spend a great day, pack a picnic lunch, take in the fall colours as you drive through Beaver Valley and come to Farmer’s Pantry.  Oh and pick some apples while you are there.
788030 Grey RD. 13, Clarksburg Ontario CA.

Grandma Snyder

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