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Easy Sewing Activity with Grandchildren

Easy Sewing Activity with Grandchildren

Create Sock Stars Critters

From September 2013 Family Fun Magazine

You will need one pair of colourful children’s knee socks to make these whimsical creatures.  I purchased a pair of over the knee adult costume socks and these made a pair of 18 inch doll tights, one Sock Critter and had fabric leftover.

Step #1 Lay one of the socks flat on a table so that the sock is a long tube (not bent at the heel) with the cuff of the sock towards you and the toe pointing away. 
a)      Cutting at the middle point cut through the cuff and up towards the heel the length that you want your critters legs to be remembering you need to leave room for the body. 
b)      The distance that is uncut up to the heel will be the body of your critter
c)       Cutting from the toe down to the heal you are creating the ears of your critter they will remain uncut,
d)      Turn the sock inside out and either hand or machine sew the legs
e)      Stuff the legs and body of your critter

Step #2 Lay the second sock on the table so that the sock does bend at the heel (the sock is now in profile) and the cuff is towards your body
a)      The cuff of this sock will form the neck of the critter and be pulled over the ears and face (the heel) – knowing this determine how long you want the arms and cut across the sock at this point.

b)      Next with the cut edge towards you cut up to the cuff but not through the cuff
c)       Turn the sock inside out and sew your arms closed leaving a ¼ inch from the cuff on both sides open
d)      Turn right side around and stuff

Step #3 Pull the cuff over the ears and face (heel) positioning it where the neck would be.  You should now have two legs, two arms, neck, head and ears.  

a)      Add eyes, nose and mouth by using any combination of buttons, fabric paint and embroidery that you wish
b)      Add the final amount of stuffing to the head
c)       Using elastic bands close off the head opening by wrapping the bands around the ears.

The girls and I had a great time making these sock critters and I hope that you do too.

Grandma Snyder
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