Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Summer Vacation with Grandma and Grandpa

Summer Vacation With Grandpa Kuepfer and Grandma Wagler 

In spite of the fact that my daughter Karen and her husband live in Ottawa while we live in Bruce County, they make sure that Karen, Ryan and Ruby spend a full week here at the farm each summer.  As the children get older, hopefully they will be able to come on their own and stay for a longer period of time.

The first year they came in mid June and Ruby was only 9 months old. We drove into Owen Sound to play at Harrison Park, which turned out to be filled with school groups and was a bit overwhelming for two such small youngsters. We found a small park near the Bayshore Arena which was very quiet, and Ryan fell in love with the “digger” there! Now it is the go to park each year. An added bonus is that it is also close to where Grandpa works, so we can take a few minutes to visit him at work.

 Living so close to Lake Huron, at least one visit to the beach is mandatory.


Also important to Ryan and Ruby is having a fire and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. The first year, Ryan wanted to help grandpa chop wood, so a spatula from grandma’s kitchen drawer became his “axe”, and each year since, I have had to find it for him.

 And of course, helping Grandpa with the chores is a given!! Grandpa is so patient as Ryan and Ruby feed the livestock, one handful at a time!

With my background in early childhood education, I have always enjoyed making sure that crafts are a part of each visit.  A year ago, making chocolates with Grandma was added to our yearly traditions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how all of these traditions grow and also what new ones will develop!

Thank you so much Cathy Wagler for sharing your beautiful Grandchildren and you experience as a Grandmother with us. 

Grandma Snyder 
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