Monday, 12 August 2013

Review of the Movie Planes & eCommerce is a Family Affair


3D animated movie produced by Disney Toon Studios and released by 

Walt Disney Pictures August 9, 2013


 On Saturday August 1oth, 2013 Emily , Ruth and Grandma went to see the Walt Disney 3D animation Planes.  This movie is rated PG / Parental Guidance.

"Parents urged to give parental guidance.  May contain some material parents might not like for their young children "  as quoted from Film rating system

 The plot features a crop dusting plane who wants a chance to be more than what the world expects of him.  He wants to be a world class flyer and compete in round the world endurance races. 

The story line has something to say to both children and adults alike:don't let others define you, if you have a goal, you are prepared to do the hard work, take the risk and go for it. 

Emily gave the movie a 10/10

        I asked Emily what she liked about the movie.  She said that it was "fun".  We explored what was fun:

1) It was colourful and fast paced.
2) She liked that Dusty Crophopper did not put winning above helping other planes, his friends and fellow racers.
3) She liked that Dusty's friends in the movie supported him.   
4) She liked that Dusty was afraid of heights and how he worked hard to win despite this.

Ruth was not as happy with the movie she gave it a "too scary" out of 10.  Ruth is 5 years old and she found the music frightened her.  Of course the dramatic music also coincided with dark (coloured) scenes and the potential of danger for Dusty Crophopper.  She spent most of movie in my lap with her 3D glasses off.

What kept the interest of an 8 year was too much for a 5 year old.

Thus the Parental Guidance designation.

I found the movie engaging, fast paced and interesting to look at.  The characters were not well developed and it is a children's  story.  There is a Canadian plane in the movie and here Disney played to a stereo type of French Canadian women that I did not find flattering.  I give the move a 6.5 out of 10.

Ecommerce is a Family Affair  

The production of this blog is a family effort and I want to give credit to 
James who supports through editing my blog postings whenever he is over and tolerating his Grandmother including him as a subject in the blog.

 Emily has started to dabble in the photographic end of the blog as well as  subject material. 

 Now go back and look at Ruth who has decided that she is going to add comic relief.

Paul and I have also started to sell Vintage items from around our home, garage sales and thrift stores on eBay.   James has supported this endavour by assisting in the photographing of the items.  While Paul does the dirty work of cleaning the items that we are about to sell.

 and Ruth helps Paul with the shipping - she likes to pack the boxes.

Blogging and eCommerce is the the world that James, Emily and Ruth are growing up in.  Paul and I  hope that by including them when they are interested we are encouraging in them an entrepreneurial spirit.  So like Dusty Crophopper -

 they will not define themselves by what other think and expect of them, but by the limits of their own imaginations. 

You can find what we have listed on eBay by visiting my Pinterest eBay Board

 Grandma Snyder


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