Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Corn on the Cob and a Fashion Show


Is the Time for Corn on the Cob 

Driving back from Kitchener on the Saturday of the August 1st long weekend Emily and Ruth decided that we should stop and purchase Corn on the Cob from a road side stand "farm gate sale".   Leaving Elmira via Arthur Street heading towards Drayton on the right hand side just before the Floradale turn you will find Floradale Produce and this is where we purchased our corn.  

Floradale Farm Produce is a thriving business and more than just a "farm gate seller".  Behind the house there is a store where they sell, homemade baked goods, eggs, meat and the produce that is grown in the green houses you can see in the picture.  When I walked into the store I was immediately reminded of my Great Grandpa and Grandma  home the smell was of fresh earth, animals and healthy human sweat.  Inside the store men and women worked and it was a very hot day.  The smell made me smile and brought back good memories.  Emily on the other hand could hardly keep from gagging because the smell was so bad.  

Truth is a very fluid thing.  We only know something to be true through our perception and understanding: our world view, memories, what we have been told and what we have experienced.  My truth was that the smell was comforting, and brought back good memories, Emily's truth was that it smelled really bad and to those who worked in the store more than likely they did not experience a smell at all.

As Grandparents and parents it is important for us to understand that truth is about perception not facts and our children and grandchild have a very different understanding of the world than we do.  For us to influence their perception their understanding of truth we need to spend time with them and together we will create truth and understanding of our world.

Once home Emily and Ruth invited their cousin Hailey over and with Grandpa's help that husked the corn.
 Eric cooks corn in the husk over the barbeque.  He sprays olive oil on the cobs and then adds garlic, salt and pepper.  He pulls the husks back over the now desilked corn and wraps the cobs in tinfoil.  On the fire they go.  The corn is soooo good.

Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob

  1. Enough cobs of corn to feed your family 
  2. Pull back the husks and remove the corn silk
  3. Spray that corn with a light coating of olive oil
  4. In a shaker mix 2 parts garlic power and 1 part salt and shake this onto the cob - you can adjust the ratio of salt to seasoning 
  5. Add pepper and other seasoning to your taste
  6. Pull the husk back over the cob and wrap in tinfoil
  7. Place the cob on a BBQ or over white coals, turning every 5 minutes
  8. Your corn is ready to eat in about 15 minutes.

 Now the thing about corn on the cob is that you eat it hot!
There is no need to worry Emily recovered right away and everyone including Emily had a great laugh.  After supper the three girls raided both the dress up closet and Grandma's closet and jewellery box to put on a fashion show.

Here is a tip from one Grandparent to another.  I always purchase left over Halloween Costume in November.  I purchase some children's costumes but mostly adult sizes so that the Grandchildren do not out grown them too soon.  I have never paid more that $3.00 for a costume and the girl have hours of fun dressing up.

Grandma Snyder
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