Saturday, 5 January 2013

January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

     Brooklynn, Emily, Isabella and Ruth are all at home today so Grandma Snyder is finding some time to sew and knit.

Knitting 18 inch dolls
      It is very cold in Ontario CA right now and both Emily and Ruth have requested mitts, hat and scarves for their new friends.  I was able to complete all but the thumb of one mitt in about an hour, with many interruptions.  

     I am using a pattern I found on pininterest. The pattern is called American Girl Mitts.

American Girl Mitts

The yarn I am using is synthetic and I inherited it from the girls Great Grandmother so I do not know the brand - sorry.  I made a sweater from Drops for myself and this is the left overs.

Knit sweater

If I come across the pattern I will post it.  I highly recommend Drops  there are hundreds of free patterns to knit or crochet for the human type of doll, pets, and household items - No 18 inch doll patterns that I have been able to find ... I guess that could be a part-time job for an energetic person... design 18 inch doll patterns for this company ... maybe when I retire if one of you very creative doll enthuses has not done this already (9 years out - to retirement that is).

   Now we move on to the sewing machine where I am making Brooklynn a Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat.  Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat
and because the winters in Ontario can get so cold I have increased the size by 1/4 inch all around to accommodate for lining.  The material is from Walmart and is part of their new precut collection.  Emily went with me to pick out both Brooklynn's and Isabella's coat material.  The lining is from the dollar store where I purchased $1.00 polar fleece scares there was enough fabric to line the coat and should be enough left over to make a matching scarf, and mitts - we will have to see.

Sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls

     Well this will be all for today I have sewing, knitting and a report to write for work.  Thank you for this opportunity to share with you 

Grandma Marjorie


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