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The Beginning of our adventure

Maplelea doll

Welcome to the adventures of Brooklynn and Isabella Snyder.  Brooklynn and Isabella are Maplelea Dolls and arrived on Christmas Eve to become part of our family.  Brooklynn and Emily (7) are best friends and Isabella and Ruth (5) are best friends.


Maplelea Friend with long layered blonde hair, light skin and brown eyes
Is a #KMF7 Maplelea doll and this is what she looked like when she arrived

And here is Brooklynn dressed up in her Christmas Outfit

 Brooklynn's outfit was made from and is the Christmas Gown from the Felicity Pretty Clothes Collection.  There is a second way to wear the outfit.  I made the back half of the skirt (not shown in this picture) from the same fabric as the blue coat and so by moving the back of the skirt to the front the outfit takes on an entirely new look.


Maplelea Friend with shoulder-length brown hair, light skin, hazel eyes
Is #KMF8 and arrived looking like this

Maplelea Friend
Isabella's dress is from and is the school dress from the Kirsten's Pretty Clothes collection minus the pleats at the bottom and lengthened.  I also did not gather the sleeves.

Brooklynn and Isabella enjoyed Christmas Eve meeting the extended family and getting to know their new best friends.

Christmas is such a wonderful time for

December 25, 2012

Isabella helped Ruth celebrate her 5th birthday.


 January 2, 2013

There are no picture of how we spent the day however we had a great time making duck tape shoes for Brooklynn and Isabella.

January 3, 2013

     Today the girls wanted to make t-shirts for me to enter into the t-shirt contest that is holding.  This is a wonder blog and I recommend everyone who is interested in 18 inch dolls to enter.  It is Karen's example as a blogger that has motivated  my Granddaughters and I to start a blog about their adventures with their Maplelea dolls.
      Here is a picture of Emily cutting out the pattern.  In the spirit of recycle/reuse we have chosen to  Upcycle (I believe that is the word I see being used - if not someone please correct me) two of Grandpa Snyder's t-shirts.  Emily is seven years old and learning to sew, knit and crochet and she has started a girls club with her friends and they want to make things and raise money to help other children.
     Emily also used Grandma's sewing machine and sewed the side seams of her t-shirt - she did an excellent job - remember that the seams are only 1/4 inch deep - a challenge for even experienced sewers.   
     Emily also drew out the design for the embellishments drawing the dolphin free hand to be cut out and glued on the t-shirt.

Maplelea Friend

It was Emily's idea to use a blue background for this photo and she is holding up the rug for me.

Maplelea Friend

Isabella is wearing a t-shirt designed by Ruth (5) and again the material is upcycled from one of her Grandfather's old t-shirts.  Ruth looked through all the embellishments available to her and picked out the rickrack for the neck and sleeves and the bling for the front.  Isabella must be looking forward to the family trip to Myrtle Beach in March 2013 because she is holding onto a sea shell that comes from there.

 The girls have been carrying their dolls and clothing around in the Maplelea back packs (note: I highly recommend these items they are well made and the girls enjoy carrying their dolls around in them along with other items they may need in their travels.) At home they wanted closets to hang their clothing on so taking an idea from pinterst we purchased crates at the dollar store and we had instant closets.  Now Grandma did think that the decorative handles on some dollar store toilet plunders would make wonderful doweling to hang the cloths on.  Well when we got them home we found the doweling was too large for the Maplelea hangers so we used the wire of the crates instead.  Now you do not need to worry that money was spent needlessly the girls spent a great afternoon at Grandpa and Grandma's playing with these plungers.  What an inexpensive safe on floors, active toy! well who would have thought of dollar store plungers lol.

The day ended with Brooklynn, Emily, Isabella and Ruth sending some quality time together at the piano.  Lucky Grandpa was not home he would have had to turn off his hearing aids lol.
Maplelea Hangers

  Signing off for today Grandma Snyder

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