Sunday, 6 January 2013

Epiphany Sunday January 6th, 2013

January 6th, 2013

Today Juanita Laverty the pastor at Hanover Mennonite Church told the story of the other or fourth Magi - this is a story that I have never heard before and it is very powerful - I am sharing this video as a way of sharing the story and its message.  I hope that you find it as powerful as I did.

     Well yesterday I completed my report for work and finished the mitts and winter jacket for Brooklynn.

Winter Coat 18 inch doll pattern

     I did not need to make the pattern bigger there is enough room to add a thin lining.  Today.I will be sewing for myself and knitting for my mother.

    We found a note book that belonged to one of the girls so we went to there home to return and so Brooklynn got her new coat and mitts.

     and just in time because Emily and Ruth were just getting ready to go sleighing now Brooklynn can go as well.  Emily had a new snow board and Ruth a magic carpet - go girls and have a great time. 

     I pray that each of you has a safe and relaxing Sunday and to all those you love the same.

Grandma Marjorie

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