Monday, 15 January 2018


Make the change now that will set you on the path.

‘No one puts new wine into old wine skin lest the wine skin burst’ Mark2:21-22 destroying both the skin and the wine and yet we do this over and over again. 
A conversation took place today that brought this saying to mind.  A young woman was romanticizing the day she would retire. 

“When I retire I am going to learn to play the piano, I’m going to downsize my life, I’m going to play cards and I’m going to lose weight!” 
A good-natured poke was made at her retirement plans 

“Do you do any of that now do you even own a piano?” “No when I retire I’ll have all the time I need and to buy new piano” and with that everyone laughed and moved on with their day.

Dreams are important to have and if we want to live without being consumed by disillusionment when dreams do not come true, we need to be prepared to make changes.  To be free to let go of habits, personal possessions and to be open to gathering new habits and possession so we can realize our dreams at some future date.

Far too often we set goals based on an unrealistic view of a future, on a future that cannot be created unless we are prepared to embrace change now.

How will we learn to play the piano if we never own a piano? 

How will realize living with less when we continue to collect and gather items to us?


Be healthy at the point of retire without paying attention to in now?

No amount of time will at the point of retirement will ensure dreams will be fulfilled if we do not embrace change now.

Too often we expect our future dreams to fit into our current way of life we attempt to put new wine in old wine skins when we can put new wine in a new wine skin and enjoy the fulfillment of dreams.

Begin today to make small changes that will ensure future dreams are positioned for success.

This is the challenge and I have for myself as I prepare to retire and for my children and grandchildren as they set the paths that they will take through their lives.

Grandma Snyder


January 15, 2018

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