Sunday, 11 September 2016

Your Abundant Mercy

The children’s story this morning was instructions in how a porter reuses the clay over and over again until the potter has created the vessel required for the need for the task of the day.

The children were amazed that the wet clay could be molded and remolded over and over again.  That the clay is never wasted never tossed away.

We are the clay that God molds and when we fight against him, he does not throw us away nor does God place us on some shelf out of his sight to be forgotten.  God places us on his work table always within sight always within reach, waiting until we are ready to be molded again.

God is always working in our lives ensuring our beliefs, values:  our sense of ourselves and our entitlements are ready for his molding so we can in turn become the vessels of love he requires.

Our task as Christian’s is to embrace the potter’s hands, for is not the Whole World in God’s hands and with his loving embrace.

Grandma Snyder

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