Monday, 5 September 2016

Heritage is more than things

This past week I watched a father get down on the grocery store floor to comfort a small child and I can only assume this was his son.  Surrounding this gentle giant of a man, and his crying son was a light dusting of white flour. 

Quietly he repeated to his child, you can fix this, you are safe, I love you, you can fix this, you are safe, I love you …

The staff arrived with a broom and started to clean up and he asked them to stop.  Turning to his red faced, tear stained hiccuping son he said “Now we begin to fix it”.  

He stood up bring his son to his feet with him and hand over hand using the broom left by the store staff they swept up the flour.

As the small boy picked up the torn bag and went to put it in the trash his father said, “Not yet we still have more fixing to do” and with this he took his son’s hand and the bag of flour and went to check out where they paid for the spilled flour.

Smiling at his son he said “fixed” and the both went off to their abandoned shopping cart and continued shopping.

There were five of us who watched and as we walked away we smiled at each other having witnessed something truly wonderful.

Be mindful of the example you are providing your children and the children in the community who are watching you.

Grandma Snyder

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