Monday, 14 March 2016

Play Is Research


I just could not grasp my graduate level research statistical course. 

Hired a tutor, that did not work.

Read all the Dummy books on the topic I could get my hands on, that did not work!

Attended small group learning labs, that did not work!

Feeling all was lost I wrote to the professor with my intent to withdraw, and his response came out of left field. 

Stop trying to learn it, staring playing with it you will find your way.

  He included with this advice some YouTube site that did exactly that with the end result was I aced the course.

Learning is a serious business and so is playing, Lucas above is learning about texture, space, permanency, what tastes good and what does not, Emily about wind direction, elasticity of soap and water, how to keep a baby happy and they are both were learning so much more that we can see on the surface.

Be mindful both with yourself and with the children in your life that play is more than just fooling around, and that we need to play with difficult learning topic to understand them fully.
Grandma Snyder

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