Saturday, 12 March 2016

Easter Table Favours for Children to Make

This years Easter table favours were created from items purchased at the dollar store and permanent markers from our craft room.

Easter Mugs
Items required:
  • 1 white mug for each person attending your Easter dinner
  • permanent markers

  1. Have the children draw what they want to draw on the mug on a piece of white paper
  2. Next they draw the same picture on the mug. 
  3. The mugs can be personalized or a general picture placed on each mug.

Note:  The mugs need to cure for 24 hours and should be hand washed.

Seed Pot Table Favours
Items required:
  • enough small starter pots for every guest at your Easter meal
  • A seed packet for each guest
  • a cloths peg for each person
  • Easter coloured ribbon
  • Easter coloured plastic grass
  • Candy Easter eggs

  1. Using paint or permanent markers colour each cloths peg and write the name of each guest on each peg.
  2. Cut the ribbon to wrap around the pot with a 1/2 inch over lap.
  3. Run a bead of white glue around the edge of the ribbon
  4. Using the cloths peg with the guest name facing forward hold the ribbon closed
  5. Stuff the starting pot with the grass
  6. Place some of the Easter candy in each pot
  7. Now you can either balance the seed package in the middle of the cloth peg or you can place a bead of white glue on one inside of the cloth peg and hold the seed package on the glue until it is held firm

Grandma Snyder
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