Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentine's Page Corners Craft

We made page corners in public school and I used them at University to mark pages that would be important to me in writing the paper I was working on.  In thinking about a quick valentines craft for our granddaughters to do these corners came to mind.

Step #1 take a square piece of paper we used a page 4 inches x 4 inches.  Fold it in half on the diagonal.

Step #2 Fold each side point to the top point. 

Step #3 Open the side folds back up and fold down one layer of the triangle so that the point meets the bottom of triangle at the halfway mark

Step #4 Fold the side pieces over the single fold down and tuck them over the flap and tuck them inside.  

You have now made a page corner and all you have to do is decorate them.

Grandma Snyder

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