Thursday, 4 February 2016

Some Days are Just Hard

Some days are just hard. 

There are hard messages to give, hard decisions to make, hard messages to receive, hard changes occur and hard realizations break through into our consciousness.

Some days it is hard to be mindful and too much time is spent second guessing, regretting, filled with fear of the future and imposing upon ourselves helplessness.

Today is just such day.

As grandparents some of us are approaching retirement, other are retired, some are challenged to provide support to elderly parents while supporting children with childcare of their grandchildren, some of challenged with loss of physical abilities and disease.

Some days are just hard.

Some days you just want to raise your voice to the sky and scream at the top of your lungs, stop the change can I just have 1 week, hell 1 day where nothing goes wrong where nothing changes, a week that I can rest.

Some days are just hard.

I know that the desire to collapse into yourself at these times and push everyone away is not helpful, nor is indulging in other self destructive pursuits. 

So I drive myself to talk to my life partner, go for a walk, mediate and pray.  

And some days are just hard!

What do you do to get through hard days?
Grandma Snyder

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