Monday, 15 February 2016

Be Happy In The Moment

Taking time off work, to relax, decompressed, to travel and see new thing is the entitlement of the modern day employee.  We work in high stress, high pressure, jobs and do not give it a second thought because we get to go on vacation!

We will put in extra hours of work robbing from our family and personal time so we can take an even more expensive vacation, to relax.

Does the vacation live up to all the expectation, possibly?

Have you relaxed in proportion to the stress that was accumulated in the process of earning the vacation, No!

Instead of putting in hours of stress in the hopes of a great vacation, be happy in every moment because the moment we have right now is the only moment we have and need, to be alive and happy.

Spend moments with your children instead of work, families do not need vacations, your family needs your  moments spent with them, not more.

Grandma Snyder

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