Saturday, 23 January 2016

Eatonia Electric Sewing Machine

You would be surprised how much fun a family can have with a $7.99 thrift store find.  

After visiting our youngest son Grandpa and I decided to travel to Newmarket Ontario and check out the Thrift stores.  We believe in recycling our clothing and purchasing used clothing whenever possible.  

We were at the last store the Salvation Army Thrift store when we came across and an old black suit case with a leather handle.  It caught our attention because earlier in the day we were impressed by a coffee table that had been made with an old shipping truck.

Opening the box we found an antique Eatonia Sewing Machine cira 1900's.  There was no price on either the machine or the box and when we inquired as to the price the clerk tags the box at $7.99.  


Driving home we knew regardless if the machined worked our son-in-law would have a great time finding out.

After carefully reading the manual that came with the machine and borrowing an O ring from his antique Singer machine our Eatonia was sewing through denim, thus I have a travelling sewing machine and for $7.99 we had a laughter filled evening as Grandpa and Rob brought the machine back to life.

Grandma Snyder

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