Thursday, 25 June 2015

Granddaughters Travel with Stuffed Animals

You can pack one suitcase each and so they did, what we failed to realize was that each grandchild would also travel with a bag full of stuffed animals or stuffies as they are called.

So once in our hotel room their bed was covered with animals who were glad to be freed from their plastic bag prisons.  With different voices they each jumped from the bags onto the bed, landing with glee to roll and romp joyfully, very much like our granddaughter acted when freed from their back seat restraints in the car.

Now Grandpa and I are left wondering where our granddaughter’s will sleep tonight.
Will the stuffies be willing to share the bed with their human owners?

And I have question for you

How many stuffed animals do your (grand)children sleep with each night?

Grandma Snyder

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