Sunday, 8 March 2015

Potential is in this moment

How many wasted moments have been spent worrying about something in the dim distance; a test, job interview, medical appointment, retirement and did one of those collective moments of worry do any good?  More than likely not if all you did was worry!

Recently we overheard one of our grandchildren lament that she was worried about a math test, she had not done well on the previous test and now was anticipating the next. 

We could have said Well have you studied? or You will need to study? or even worse I know you will do OK as none of these statements would help her deal with the worry that was 'clearly at hand'.

We asked her to think of one thing she could do right now.  Of course she offered, that she could study and had no intention of doing so, as she visited at our home.  We asked the question again and asked her to think of how we could help.  After a few minutes she offered we could do times tables and so an enjoyable half hour was spent reciting times tables and laughing at our mistakes.  Her worry disappeared in the face of taking advantage of an at hand opportunity.

In this way we hope that we are modelling behaviour that teaching them to take advantage of what is a hand - being mindful.  

That regret for yesterday and worry for tomorrow steals from you the potential that is your now.

Grandma Snyder

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