Sunday, 16 November 2014

God's song

My most vivid childhood memories feature music.  The congregational singing that I knew in my childish soul to be the sound of angels singing.  

Learning the words of Jesus loves me and singing with all that I have, knowing that God loves me, that we are God’s angels on earth, reflecting his love for all who will see.

Memories of my mother sitting beside my bed teaching me the words to Rock of Ages and then after Sunday dinner making space for me on the piano bench to sing with my father as she plays the hymn on the piano.

And it is music that carries me through times of trial and struggle.  It is music that connects me to the ongoing music of God’s creation.

God’s Song

It is this song in it’s many variations that creates the yearning in us to belong to seek out our place in God’s creation.  There is a piece of this song in each of us unique and necessary to the overall harmony and balance of creation.

Yet as a Christian I have avoided the creation story specifically the story of the garden of Eden.  I have struggle to find God's unconditional love for me, God's song in the traditional garden story.

As a woman the story of the Garden of Eden is a story of guilt, and shame so I avoided it until the Sunday that Juanita Laverty introduced our small Mennonite congregation to “The Blessing Seed”.  And the words of Caitlin Matthews breathed new life, new meaning into this story and positioned the Garden of Eden within God’s forgiving love, within the God's song.

“In the beginning, God sang everything alive”

This children’s book has become one of my spiritual go to books.

Grandma Snyder

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