Saturday, 28 June 2014

Later Age a Time of Wisdom and Joy

Two seniors about to kiss over a back drop of cupcakes
Erma receiving a 90th birthday kiss from her 98 year old big brother Roy.
O God, your constant care
O God, your constant care and love are shed upon us from above throughout our lives in every stage, from infancy to later age.
We thank you, Lord, for dreams of youth, for wisdom leading on to truth, for memories gathered through the years, and faith that grows from joys and tears.
All time is yours, O Lord, to give.  May we, in all the years we live, find that each day of life is new, a celebration, Lord, with you.
Hymnal A Worship Book prepared by Churches in the Believers Church Tradition #481.  Text by H. Glen Lanier 1976 

Wisdom leading on to truth... is this the developmental task of  those of us over 60?   In our youth we built and gathered things to ourselves and families, now those same things are outdated, and what we built has moved beyond our control into the control of our children or is decaying/in need of repair

What we have in abundance is a life time of experience on which to reflect.  And when refection is accompanied by compassion for ourselves and others wisdom result.

At Erma's 90th birthday tea this truth was brought into sharp focus,where the joy at being able at 98 years old to give his baby sister a 90th birthday kiss overwhelmed a room and stopped time for that single moment.   

 "May we, in all the years we live, find that each day of life is new, a celebration, Lord with you"

Lord grant me the wisdom to live each moment that is given to me in a state of joy, expectation and celebration.  Amen

Grandma Snyder
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