Monday, 19 May 2014

Your Internal Critic

Do not compare your insides to someone else's outsides

We live isolated, inside the context of our personal internal dialogue: our thoughts, perceptions and emotions and it is from this isolated position we live out our lives in the very public physical world around us.

What is the impact of having to live within these two absolutely opposite environments?  My private and personal thoughts, perceptions interpret the public world for me yet what I believe about others and myself is not necessary true.

For much of my life and with increasing frequency as I grow older my internal thoughts find me looking at other women my age and believing they are happier, more beautiful, more loved and financially better off than me.

I compare myself/my inside thoughts to the other women’s outside appearances and for some of those women they are comparing themselves/their inside thoughts to my outside appearance.

Here is the punch line:

I want to be more like them and they want to be more like me.

I have started on a path to mindfulness.  A path that is challenging me to pay attention to my undisciplined and self-critical thoughts so that I can teach my mind to identify thoughts I want to stop and replace them with thoughts that affirm and encourage.

Don't compare your insides


other people's outsides!

What is your internal critic telling you?  Know that it is not true and then tell your internal critic the same thing.

Grandma Snyder

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