Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gardening on May 24th, 2014

Gardening with Grandchildren

Young child wearing gardening gloves

Ruth was at Grandpa and Grandma's house this weekend to help with the gardening.  I don't know about you but I like to start each new gardening season with a new pair of gardening gloves.  Ruth saw the pair she is wearing at our local Independent grocery store and fell in love.  Of course a pink flower to match her pink gloves also was purchased.
Young child planting forget-me-nots in a cow shaped planter

Ruth has always loved the resin cow shaped planter that I gave Paul many years ago now.  She started her gardening adventure this weekend by falling in love with  the blue forget-me-nots that grow wild in the spring in all of my gardens (OK I also love the early blooming blue flowers).  She asked Grandpa to help her transplant them.  She was very proud of her pot of small blue flowers until she found the pink geranium which you can see it the first picture of this post.

Ruth also helped me pull weeds and transplant perennials from the back garden to the front flower beds.  We cutting down on the number of flower gardens and increasing our vegetable and herb production this year.  We want to eat as healthy as we can and growing our own vegetables and fresh herbs is one way we can to this, be outside, and have fun with our grandchildren.
Sunshine rainbows from a garden hose

Ruth loved making rainbows with the gardening hose.  At one point while we were both on our knees in the dirt pulling the volunteer maple saplings from the flower bed, Ruth stopped and said

Grandma is this your sandbox?

Yes Ruth our gardens are Grandpa and Grandma's sandboxes, the place we play in the mud and dirt.
Young girl planting radishes in a container garden
 This is our second year of planting radishes, spinach in plastic eave-trough mounted to the wall of our house.  The height is just right for Ruth to work in. To make this container garden you purchase the length of eave-trough you will need purchase a stopper for each end, drill drainage holes in the bottom and mount.  This type of a garden needs watering everyday if it is in a place where there is full sun and making a shade cover is always best.

Apple and Pear blossoms

I will end this gardening post with a photograph of the apple and pear blossoms as they appeared in our garden this weekend.

Happy Gardening Grandma Snyder
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