Saturday, 3 May 2014

Knitting the Sky April


Knit the Sky April
  I enjoy walking outside in the morning with my camera snapping a picture of the sky and then through out the day watching the sky change until after a day at work I sit down with a cup of tea and choose my colours to knit.
 Nine pictures of the April 2014 Sky
Knitting the Sky is the brain child of Leafcutter Designs they have designed a year long project that requires you to be mindful of the sky above you and then knit two rows that represent what you saw.

If you are interested in starting your own Knit the Sky project I would encourage you to visit the link provided under the Leafcutter Design logo above.
Many people who have visited the blog mention with regret that they would have liked to start this project.  A year is just a starting and ending point with 365 days between.

 - Start your project now-

Yarn and knitting April 2014

I purchased the yarn for this project at Docknits in Port Elgin, Ontario Canada
January to April Knit the Sky 2014

Grandma Snyder
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