Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Supporting Childhood Exploration

Growing Pickle Jar Carrots

Growing Pickle Jar Carrots

What happens when two little girls explore Grandpa’s growing table?  First they find Rainbow Carrot Seeds.  Then they go in search of containers and where better to find containers then in the recycle box where they find clean Pickle and Jam Jars.
Carrots growing in jars

On Grandpa’s growing table they found soil and the seeds were planted.  The girls had a great deal of fun watching the carrot seeds grow and the glass jars allowed them to see the root systems grow.
Carrots growing in jam jars

What Children learn when we share our spaces with them.

Letting children safely explore our work and hobby spaces and supporting their independent learning conveys very important messages.

  1. We want to be in relationship with them and are willing to share pieces of ourselves with them
  2. That they can have unique creative idea that we value,
  3. They can create and we will support them in this activity - they can lead and we will follow...

and so many more.

Grandma Snyder
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