Monday, 21 April 2014

An Old Easter Tradition

“When your Grandma was a little girl she followed clues to her Easter gift.  I (Great Grandma) would hide little notes all around the house and outside.   One note would take your Grandma to the next note until she found her gift”  and with this short exchange of family history from one generation to another I was flooded with forgotten Easter memories of running from one note to the next looking in closets, inside favourite books and on the scary basement steps.
Great Grandmother with Great Granddaughter
Great Grandma with Rylee
“Did you hide chocolate Easter bunnies for Grandma?” one of my granddaughters asked “No chocolate was too expensive everyone received a new Sunday outfit for Easter” and again memories came rushing back of new white hats and if we were lucking white gloves and small little purses.  I remember vividly not the clothing but a child’s pride walking into church on Easter Sunday with hat, gloves and purse and feeling very grown-up.

Our youngest daughter enters the conversation and speaking to me asks if we can add this tradition to our normal Easter egg hunt – yes.
Easter Egg Hunt
Our Easter Egg Hunt
I will be the first to admit that Saturday night with each note I wrote I remembered more and more long ago Easters, of finding the notes that would lead me one step closer to my new Sunday outfit.  

So after our 2014 Family Easter Feast Grandpa and I gave each girl her first card.  Emily's read - Behind your School Picture and Ruth's - In Grandpa ice cream decorating draw and with this the girls were off finding one clue after another until in their bedroom closets they found their Easter gifts.
Easter Breakfast Church Pot Luck
Easter Morning Church Potluck Breakfast

For the past nine years whenever possible we have taken our granddaughters to Easter Sunday breakfast.  We all gather at our Mennonite Church at 8:00 am and enjoy a breakfast of fruit, hard boiled eggs, Paska and Easter cheese.  This year Emily made a fruit pizza (will appear in a future post) and our Easter Bunny Fruit Basket.  As I had beamed feeling very adult in my hat, purse and gloves so did Emily and Ruth as people complemented them on their Easter breakfast offerings.
Watermellon fruit basket bunny
Click here to be directed to the original sit and instructions

 And before we left church we decorated the Cross with new flowers to represent our new lives in Christ.
Cross in Black Cloth another in Spring Flowers

What are your Easter Family Traditions?

Grandma Snyder
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