Saturday, 5 April 2014

Diamond in rough shape

Inspiration In The Laundromat

Bored of  listening to the incessant thump thump of dryers and disgusted by the gossip in the magazines available we went through the magazine rack in hopes of finding something that was not mind numbing to read and we found a diamond in rough shape.
Songs of Inspiration
Cover page missing, pages ripped yet still readable we found Songs Of Inspiration by John T Benson copyrighted 1949.  We read “a resourceful collection of choice gospel songs inspiring for the home, practical for churches and Sunday Schools, Conventions, song festivals, youth meetings, revivals and radio work.” 

I will now add laundromats and blogs to this list of venues where this little book can provide inspiration.

We thought about leaving this precious old gem of musical wisdom behind however it did not feel right so it has traveled home with us and the inspirational words contained on its pages have brought joy to us and will become part of this blog to be shared with you.

Hymn book open
How is it we are always surprised when confronted by a gift from God?  An old hymnal, a call from a friend at just the moment most needed or a good Samaritan's help while traveling.  Should we not live in a state of constant of God's gifts?  

I wonder how many blessing we miss every day because of our stubborn need to constantly active - our lack of incentive to seek out the blessing, to recognize them for what they are.

If there is one gift I can give my grandchildren it is to be mindful of God's gifts around us.  Teach them to quiet their expectations, worries, planning, grumbling, and busyness - to look beyond themselves to the experience of the Divine in the moment, so they can find songs of inspiration in their lives.

It really isn't hard all it takes is a single question of explorations - "What gifts from God can you right now?"  They start naming things without embarrassment or question while the adults look and look.

What gift is God giving you right now?  

Grandma Snyder

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