Sunday, 13 April 2014

Decorations for the Easter Table

Face cloth Easter Bunnies

Face cloth Easter Bunnies

This craft is very simple and requires only a face cloth, piece of ribbon and an elastic.  We started by taking our granddaughters to the store where they picked out bright coloured face cloths choosing one for each person who will be attending our Easter Sunday family dinner - they will take their face cloth home with them following the meal.
Face cloth bunnies rolling the face cloth

Step one:  Place the face cloth in front of you with a point towards you and roll tightly until you reach the middle.  Turn the cloth making sure to keep the rolled edge tight 180 degrees.  Now roll this point towards the middle

Folding face cloth Easter Bunnies

Step two:  Now you fold the rolled face cloth in half matching up the to pointed ends.  Note the rolled edge should be on the inside of the fold.

Placement of elastic bands face cloth Easter Bunny

Step three:  Depending on the age of the child this is the step will require adult assistance.   You are going bend the two pointed ends in on themselves - and place an elastic over the bend.  This forms the face and ears.

Face cloth Easter Bunny decoration

Now you can decorate your bunny tie a piece of ribbon around only the ears and adjust the ears so that they separate.  Place an Easter egg in the circle formed by the face cloth and place on your plate.

There have been a number of Google+ post of late showing brightly coloured crocheted face cloths next year I would like to redo this same decoration only give each person a hand made face cloth.  Please note this is not an original craft you will find this project on Pinterest, Girl Guides and many other places.

Happy Easter Everyone

Grandma Snyder 
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