Monday, 17 March 2014

Saint Patrick's Day 2014

St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card
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Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday along with being a festival of food, music, and drink.

Collection of St. Patrick's Day Festival

Saint Patrick was kidnapped as a child and brought to Ireland to look after sheep.   as It was as a slave Saint Patrick was reported to have had a spiritual awakening.  He would pray incessantly while alone with the sheep.
St. Patrick's Day Actor
He escaped his slave owners as a young adult and joined the priesthood. 
Saint Patrick died a few hundred years before the first official canonization so while recognized as a Saint by the populous and the Catholic Church of Ireland he was never canonized. 
St. Patrick's Day Drum Band

The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th was brought to North America by Irish immigrants and took off. 
St. Patrick's Day wash drum band
 Saint Patrick's Day is also celebrated in Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, the International Space Station, Japan, Malaysia, Montserrat, Russia, South Korea, and Switzerland.

 If you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day what did you do?

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